Birthday Parties


There’s nothing better than inviting your best friends on your special day for a round or two of sports and a fun run around.

Our birthday parties work like this:

  • Let us know the date, the number of children and the age of the whole squad
  • Choose your favourite sport or sports;
  • We will arrange staffing and prepare a game plan for your child’s party that will have just the right amount of friendly competition, razzle dazzle and serious FUN!

Pricing: Our two hour programme starts from $650 for up to 20 children (excluding food). Additional children are charged at $30 per child. We also have special rates for children who are enrolled at Shaws Little League.

Included in our birthday party package is the following:

  • invitation cards
  • use of our venue for two hours;
  • juice and water;
  • a large cooler box, chilly bin or eski (whatever you want to call it) with ice;
  • kids chairs and tables;
  • food serving tables;
  • plates, cups, napkins, wetwipes and cutlery; and
  • a lighter.

All you need to bring is the food, a birthday cake and a knife to cut it.

If you do not require the above and instead just want our staff to conduct and manage the activities only (ie excluding the above), the cost for our birthday party programme only is $550.

If you would like us to do it all, ie provide some really nice party food as well as all of the above, the cost will be $850 for up to 20 children. What that means is that all you need to bring is the cake, some candles and a knife.

We look forward to hearing from you and being part of your child’s special day. Email us at or call us at 64409545.