Engaging with Your Child Through Sport 


By Alpesh Puna

Hi Parents,

Thanks for sending your children to Shaws Little League for sports fun and learning here in Singapore.

You may have read our recent articles regarding preparation, confidence and dealing with winning and losing over the last few weeks.

For this week, I want to share a bit about my personal life and about how I engage with my children through sports and games.

My two children are now aged 11 and 9 and when time and weather permits, we spend an amount of time playing and engaging in sports and games – tennis, golf, cricket, soccer, rugby, just taking a ball to the park, bike rides, jogging/sprinting, family workouts, 8 ball, board games, etc…

I find playing sports and games with my children is very fulfilling and it sure beats checking their homework and school projects. It has also helped me learn and develop a lot as a parent too.

Here are my tips for engaging in sports and games with your child:

–       Play to their level, no need be condescending and belittle them

–       Reward them for effort – giving 100% for a while deserves a victory, right?

–       Children do not need to know how amazing you are or were – they already know you can run faster than them, are stronger than them, smarter than them

–       Live and play by those values that you wish your children to have

–       Children do look up to you – your conduct and behavior and not necessarily your performance – remember this when they are watching you play competitively – how you interact with referees, team mates, disappointment and success

–       Take the game “deep” – it allows more opportunities for practice, thinking and learning

–       Help, mentor and guide them – share your experiences and learnings

–       Sport may not be for everyone but the learning from sport is for all kids

–       Laugh with them, not at them

–       Enjoy the after-match and look forward to the next encounter

–       It’s okay to win sometimes!

See you all at Shaws Little League for more sports fun.