Is Soccer the Best Sport?

kids soccer Singapore

Running, jumping, passing, attacking the goal – these basics of soccer make our heart beat faster, increasing the blood flow to children’s brains. Turns out keeping our bodies healthy, keeps our brains healthy too. It increases the levels of feel good endorphins and improves mood.

Some experts vote soccer as the number one sport for kids in regards to the overall development of skills and increase in abilities. Even at its basic level, soccer offers children the opportunity to practice running, jumping, throwing, catching, kicking, hopping, skipping and dodging.

And, no surprise here, but kids that are active sleep longer and better. What parent wouldn’t want a well-rested child that sleeps soundly through the night and wakes up in a better mood, thanks to the quality of good sleep?

Exercise at this level helps kids achieve and maintain a healthy body weight, all the while having fun. This naturally decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes. Impact bearing exercise, like kids’ soccer, also increase bone density and muscle strength. In fact, kids don’t need to lift weights in a gym like adults. Participating in a sport like soccer provides them the same benefits, improving their agility, balance, coordination and speed.

Driving the ball to the goal, avoiding your opponent and keeping control of the situation, all lead to improved coordination, as well as gross and fine motor skills. These all help develop our children’s central nervous system in early childhood. Kids participate is sports like soccer have a better self-esteem and better interpersonal skills. The day-to-day interaction on the field improves their decision-making abilities by continually creating fresh cognitive challenges to meet and overcome.

Last, but not least. Starting sports at a young age, helps our children build life-long healthy approach towards activity and movement.

Children don’t come into our the Shaws Little League soccer programs as experts, but for each child our coaches will help them focus on where they can grow and improve, little by little. And, who knows where these little improvements might lead one day? But, for today, each Shaws Little League soccer pro is a champion when they are on our field. The Shaws Little League Soccer programme is developmentally appropriate and it follows the same principles of our multi-sport programme with a high emphasis on participation, skill development, constructive play and lots of fun.

At Shaws Little League, soccer focuses on

  • Children are always kept engaged through various skill based activities
  • Children have lots of opportunity to develop their fitness, ball skills, passing skills, goal shooting and goal-keeping, tackling and defending and soccer game sense
  • The manner of play, conduct and sportsmanship is more important than scores and results
  • Children are encouraged to be happy, balanced, creative and strive to improve their skills
  • Parent participation is encouraged
  • Parents are proud of their children for trying hard

At Shaws Little League our mode of delivery is play, not instruction based because children learn and develop better by getting stuck in and having a go, instead of listening to a list of boring instructions. We also always focus on positive encouragement as the best way to improve our little athlete’s skills and self-esteem.