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Children’s development - How Do Kids Improve at Sport?

Each of the Shaws Little League kids sport classes focuses on your child’s ongoing improvement, including toddler sport classes.

How do we do this? Three methods we use are active participation, appropriate instructions and child-centred activities. These methods are unique for children's sport in Singapore.

Why is active participation important for children's development? Because it’s about helping the children hit more balls, swing more times and keeping them involved with the game. Whilst watching sport for adults can be fun, when we ask the children, they prefer to play sport rather than watch others play sport. So, we keep the waiting and downtime to the bare minimum during our sport programmes.

Children need not understand the all the technicalities and nuances of sport at this age. Think about the glass jar story – fill it with the big rocks first (the grip, watching the ball, feet movement, swinging hard, fun) and worry about the sand later (top spin, fieldlines, the offside rule). Focusing on the big rocks makes it easier for the children to understand and progress. Their own interest and curiosity will lead them to fill their jar with sand.

We have developed our activities from a child’s perspective of sport – the things that they enjoy and not what we as adults may think they will enjoy about sport - proper rules and instructions, keeping scores, trophies – is not what children enjoy. How do we know this? Because we asked them and continue to ask them what they enjoy. They just enjoy when they are actively involved in the game, being with their friends, learning new skills and can see themselves improving.

We have also done a little bit of research into actual sports games.  In a full game of professional soccer, each player touches the ball on average 40 times (dribbling, passing, shooting, tackling) in 90 minutes. In rugby, elite players on average run with the ball 9 times, tackle 8 times and pass 12 times. That's a lot for a kids sport and that's even more for a toddlers sport class.

Through using active participation for children's sports in Singapore, appropriate instructions and child-centred activities, we are able to get the children to do as much activity as if they were playing in a real game (in a shorter duration, of course). While, at the same time they are having fun, getting fitter, faster and stronger and learning along the way. This way of learning is fun and it is a unique sport method that we use for your kids in Singapore. 

Join us for a multisport session and come see how Shaws Little league is a great way for your child to improve, as you both enjoy the fun.

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