Our Principles

At Shaws Little League, our primary objective is to ensure that all children have fun at the toddler sport classes and kids sport classes.

When children have fun, they take on new challenges (often without knowing it) and work hard to achieve things. And we all know how happy you feel when you achieve something. Therefore having fun is the perfect accelerator for the developmental process.

Having fun is not the only thing we think about. When children come to Shaws Little League, we also ensure the following:

  • Safety – making sure the chances of accidents are minimised, and therefore allowing children to enjoy themselves fully without unnecessary risk.
  • Developmentally appropriate activities and equipment – selected carefully from around the world, we know our programmes are proven and ideal for young children.  All equipment is appropriately sized and weighted for young children.  We endeavour to provide the optimal environment for your child to play sport.
  • Skilled and experienced trainers – teaching young children requires a different skill set than when teaching older/more advanced people. Not only do our trainers understand the basics of the sports they teach, they also know how to simplify them all for children.  They also have lots of energy to ensure that your children are always entertained.
  • Skill stations – help to reduce waiting time and hence accidents. Less waiting around equals more fun.
  • Learn through play – clear and simple language, minimal instructions and no over-coaching allows children more active playing time and allows them to develop their own style and technique. It also makes for happy children who are eager to try.
  • Maximum participation – Everyone participates and is given an opportunity to be a star.