Birthday Parties

There is nothing better than inviting your best friends on your special day for kids sports and a fun run around. After all, it is your birthday party! Parents and kids will have a wide selection of packages to choose from for a customized sport birthday party package and an amazing celebration for everyone.

Our birthday parties work like this:

  • Let us know the date, the number of children and the age of the whole squad

  • Choose your favourite sport or sports;

  • We will add in some good old fashioned relays, dodgeball and tug-of war;

  • We will then prepare a game plan for your child’s party that will have just the right amount of friendly competition, tele-match style games, dazzle dazzle and serious FUN!

There are three options for birthday parties held at our location.

Option One

This includes invitation cards, party poster, staffing, equipment and activities

Option Two

This includes option one, plus:

- Juice and water

- A large cooler box, chilly bin or eski (whatever you want to call it) with ice

- Children’s chairs and tables

- Food serving tables

- Plates, cups, napkins, wet-wipes and cutlery

Option Three

Option two plus some yummy finger food, which you can choose from our menu


Our prices are for parties up to 20 children. Additional children are charged at $30 per child.  

In addition to conducting birthday parties at our location, we can also bring our staff, equipment and fun activities to a location of your choice.

We are able to conduct birthday parties at parks, condominums, sports halls, backyards and swimming pools. Please contact us for further information on this.


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