About Us

Since 1988, Shaws has been offering full day and half-day sport programmes for preschool children (visit www.shaws.com.sg for information on Shaws Preschool). We offer a full range of toddler sports classes and children's sports classes in Singapore. Our expertise and experience in child development, childcare and curriculum combined with input from elite athletes, coaches and international specialists has helped us to develop our sports and physical activity programme, Shaws Little League.

Shaws Little League is all about sport – getting children stuck in, playing hard, having fun, learning sports skills and being exposed to all those holistic benefits of sport.  No fluff, no strings – just that pure exhilaration of playing and nailing skills and then wiping their sweat on mum and dad at the end.  Remember the days of backyard sport and how much fun it all was – real games, real skill, uncomplicated rules, all that friendly competitiveness, high fives and that feeling of not being able to wait until the next game – well that’s what we do at Shaws Little League.

We conduct multisport programmes (where children are exposed to volleyball, tennis, basketball, baseball, hockey, rugby, cricket, soccer, golf and athletics) and sports specific programmes for soccer, cricket and tennis.  We also conduct school events, birthday parties, holiday camps, carnivals and parent-child activities.  Our programmes are suitable for children between the ages of two and 12.

Whilst many people think our programme is just about sport, our programme has a wider range of objectives such as to develop children who are:

  • Physically confident, co-ordinated, skilled and determined who have an understanding of sport and the importance of ongoing skill development;
  • Team players who can communicate with others and show leadership skills when required;
  • Gracious and humble in success and failure;
  • Competitive and have an amount of personal pride;
  • Responsible for their own behaviour and their conduct in front of other children, parents and coaches;
  • Creative and use thought to solve problems
  • Always willing to learn;
  • Happy and balanced in their approach to life; and
  • Nice to their parents.

At Shaws Little League, the children always get to  participate in a range of sports activities, drills and leagues that are fun, safe and educational. And they are beneficial to their holistic development as well.

So whether you want your child to be the next big thing, develop a healthy lifestyle, film your very own “amazing children” series or just want them to make more friends, Shaws Little League is the place for you.

The Shaws Little League programme is conducted and operated by Shaws Junior Sport Pte Ltd.