When It's OK To Lose....

When It's OK To Lose....

We all had a great time watching the FIFA World Cup 2018 - the drama, the goals, the skill, character, the celebrations.  And at the end of it all, France beat Croatia 4-2 to lift the trophy for a second time.  We all remember that photo of Luka Modric after the game.

Croatia weren't the only athletes and competitors to lose over the weekend just been either. Kids and adults all played a range of games and sports over the weekend - some won, some lost and we are sure that everyone had fun and learned something.

It's ok to lose if you:

- had fun;

- prepared and trained;

- showed skill, determination and character;

- played hard, fair and in the right spirit;

- demonstrated a will to win;

- made your family and supporters proud; and

- congratulated your opponent.

Yes, it sounds like you played like a champion.  Just that the final score wasn't in your favour.


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