When Children Have Fun, Amazing Happens

When Children Have Fun, Amazing Happens

Hi Parents

We hope that you are well and enjoyed the Champions League and Europa League Soccer games during the week – the work-rate, intensity, skill and entertainment was amazing.

On average, elite footballers cover between 10-12km in 90 minutes.

Have you ever wanted to know how hard your child is working during our soccer sessions?

On Sunday 5 May and Thursday 9 May, I participated for the majority of the class with the children (excluding the dribbling circuit and a few of the lengths, the juggling component and the cross-bar challenge).  I initiated the warm-up, and participated fully in the passing drill and goal shooting, and played part of the game.

In that time, I covered more than 3km according to my phone – see the attached.  Sunday morning was a bit less because I had some red wine the night before.

Because I didn’t participate fully in the class, I imagine that the children covered approximately 4km during the class.  In addition to this, the children are getting instruction and lots of touches on the ball.

You guys can do the maths as to how much they will cover over 90 minutes and you will realise that they are not that far off from the distance covered by elite players.  

Take into account the age of the children and they are really amazing. 

See you all at Shaws Little League soon.

Best regards





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