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Why Shaws Little League and Our Kids Love to Have Fun

Every child wants to have fun at their sport class. Fun takes many shapes and forms depending on the activity.

Children find fun in nearly anything – annoying their parents each morning when getting ready for school; playing with their food at meal times; ignoring their parents’ instructions; sitting and watching TV; playing with gadgets. They can find fun in the smallest pleasures, the littlest details.

At Shaws Little League, we believe that incorporating fun is the key to building a life-long love for sport and staying active — which will help our children enjoy life to its fullest by keeping their bodies and minds healthy and alert.

So how do we get the children to have fun at Shaws Little League?


Children develop better when they are physically doing things and involved in the play. We want each and every child to have lots of turns at hitting balls, running hard and always moving and staying active. When kids are happy they continue to play and enjoy it.


Once children are participating, we work on trying to help the children get better. However, we do it in a fun way. We focus on skill development with the help of good coaches that are going to make them better and, above all, remind them to not take it all too seriously.


Playing and working with other children, learning new skills, techniques and their understanding of sport. It’s not about becoming an expert, it’s about having the exposure and opportunity to new experiences.

Not Keeping Score

Children are more interested in the act of scoring a goal, hitting a home run, running and racing as opposed to looking at numbers. At Shaws, numbers don’t matter.


Praising children for trying and encouraging them to give 100%, even if it’s just a little improvement each time.


Communicating and working with children at their level. Giving good coaching, in a fun environment and a good competition, will keep kids in sport longer.


Always keep them thinking, make them curious and keep them on their toes. Challenge a child to think at their level, but not intimidate them. Learning to use their minds is part of the fun too.

Keeping It Real

Have a laugh, share a joke, and let the children know that it is ok to have the odd bad day. No one is perfect and no one is expected to be, mistakes are made, knees are skinned and that’s all part of the joy of childhood.

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