Our very popular multisport programme exposes children to the following kids sports: volleyball, tennis, basketball, baseball, rugby, hockey, cricket, soccer, golf and athletics. In each session, children play two sports and the sports change each week. So it is just like having the summer and winter sports season all rolled up into one great programme.

All equipment is provided, but we don’t mind if you bring in your favourite baseball bat, tennis racquet, or rugby tackle bag.  After all, it’s all about having fun and making sure that the children are always willing to play and learn.

As the children develop and progress, the activities in each of the sports change accordingly. The multisport programme comprises a wide range of games and activities that allow children to:

  • Learn the various sports skills;

  • Develop physical confidence and co-ordinated body movements;

  • Improve their physical fitness and wellbeing;

  • Develop hand-eye co-ordination, ball sense and game sense;

  • Develop teamwork and social skills;

  • Play in modified games and activities;

  • Have a stepping stone towards ongoing participation in sport and life;

  • Develop a competitive spirit and understand about winning and losing;

  • Understand about fair-play, sportsmanship, and appropriate sports conduct

    Is it confusing with all the different sports? Maybe for adults, but not for children – they love playing, regardless of the game. All the sports have a wide range of generic skills (balancing, rotation, running fast, weight transfer, hand-eye co-ordination and others) and thus training in one sport can benefit a child in another sport.

    We base our programme on research that suggests that young children should not specialise in sport from a young age.  A lot of expert sports coaches are now of the same view too and instead of getting children into their own sport at the earliest age, they are now recommending multi-sport programmes instead.  We are sure that the content of our programme meets and exceeds the fundamental movement skills guidelines as well as the basics of each of the sports that we conduct.

    Whilst the emphasis is on having fun, we all know that the children (and their parents) want to see their children improve.  Together with the appropriately design activities and equipment, our trainers are all committed to making sure every child does things better than they could do before.

    The 8-sessions for toddler sport and kids sport in Singapore must be completed in eight weeks; the 12-sessions in 13 weeks; and 20-sessions in 23 weeks (excluding closure days and public holidays). The one year is capped at 48 sessions. Make-up sessions are available and it is also possible to attend alternative children's sport sessions other than your regular session. Please contact us should you wish to attend an alternative session.

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