Shaws Little League also conducts a tennis programme for kids. The objective of our tennis programme is to get children to just enjoy hitting the ball over the net – after all isn’t that the whole idea of tennis? Obviously we also make the children work hard and move quickly to cover the court and we spend a lot of time on the basics of tennis – anticipating, watching the ball, getting ready, moving to the ball and letting rip.

All equipment is provided – racquets of various sizes, mini-nets, lots of tennis balls and the kids favourite – our ball machine.

The 8-sessions for toddler sport and kids sport in Singapore must be completed in eight weeks; the 12-sessions in 13 weeks; and 20-sessions in 23 weeks (excluding closure days and public holidays). The one year is capped at 48 sessions. Make-up sessions are available and it is also possible to attend alternative children's sport sessions other than your regular session. Please contact us should you wish to attend an alternative session.

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