Shaws Little League is Singapore’s longest running multi-sport programme for young children. Our programme has been developed using the experience and knowledge of Shaws Preschool (established in 1988), Dr Astrid Simon of the German Sport University and a number of international athletes, coaches and sports organisations.

Broadly, in our playbook at the moment are our multisport programme, birthday parties, holiday camps (multisport and sports specific), single sport coaching for soccer, baseball, cricket, hockey, rugby and tennis, whole school programmes, carnivals and parent-child events.

In addition to the programmes, we provide full support through advice, equipment, staff training, programme advisory, marketing and promotion materials and our formula for maximising returns to prospective owners.

As long as you can complement our passion for sport and for children, keep things simple and logical, we are happy to play ball with you. Hospital passes, a rake on the back of the calf or bodyline bowling is not needed here.

Just get in touch at or call us on +65 6440 9545.

Watch the ball and play hard!


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