For your School

Shaws Little League is able to bring our fun, challenging and educational programmes to your school. We specialize in toddler sport, kids sports and tailored sports programmes.

Shaws Little League is Singapore’s longest running multi-sport programme for young children. Our programme has been developed using the experience and knowledge of Shaws Preschool (established in 1988), Dr Astrid Simon of the German Sport University and a number of international athletes, coaches and sports organisations.

Our activities are suitable for children between the ages of two and nine. Therefore if you are involved in running a preschool, a childcare centre, a kindergarten, or even in charge of primary one and two children, we would love to come out to your place and expose the children to the range of sports that we offer.

It can be difficult to find time to plan and execute sports activities, particularly with all the other things that education staff need to do as part of their work. So leave the thinking and the planning to us – we bring all the equipment and staff, we will come out beforehand to ensure that the playing area is safe and that our activities will work for your children. This leaves you to just focus on observing the children and monitoring their progress and level of enjoyment.

Here’s what we need to know to develop your schools customised sports programme:

  • The number of children that will be playing
  • How much time is available
  • The available space
  • We will then work everything out from there

Pre-schools, Kindergartens, Childcare
For pre-schools, kindergartens and childcare centres, Shaws could:

  • Conduct school sports days either at your school or our centre
  • Incorporate our fundamental skills and sports skills programme into your school curriculum
  • Conduct classes at our centre exclusively for children at your school, transport can also be arranged
  • Develop a sports themed excursion for your school
  • Add value to your existing business operation

Primary Schools
For primary schools, Shaws could form an important part of your PAL programme and introducing your primary one and two children to a wide range of sports through the ECA programme.

To find out more please contact us.