In developing our programmes, we have sought input from elite athletes, international coaches and experienced childcare personnel. In addition to developing coordination, confidence and social skills, our develop mentally appropriate programmes will expose your children to a range of sports including Golf, Tennis, Volleyball, Rugby, Soccer, Cricket, Basketball, Baseball, Athletics, Hockey and Netball. These are all in addition to our customised strength and co-ordination programme.

Typically, at a young age, the children that are the most abled in sport are the bigger children. However these same children aren’t always the most abled when they become youths and then adults. There are so many examples of current sports stars that learnt one sport when they were younger only to excel in another as they got older. Our approach is based on the above premise and allows children to experience a range of sports and be better placed to choose a sport when it’s time to do so.

So when children enrol in our programmes (usually for a twelve week period), they will get to learn, understand and develop the key skills and techniques of a wide range of sports. In addition, the children will also become:

  • Physically confident, co-ordinated, skilled and determined who have an understanding of sport and the importance of ongoing skill development;
  • Team players who can communicate with others and show leadership skills when required;
    Gracious and humble in success and failure;
  • Competitive and have an amount of personal pride;
  • Responsible for their own behaviour and their conduct in front of other children, parents and coaches;
  • Creative and use thought to solve problems
  • Always willing to learn;
  • Happy and balanced in their approach to life; and
  • Nice to their parents.

Our programmes run once per week for 50 minutes and of course we won’t say no if you want to send your children more often.

The weeks do not include public holidays and other scheduled closure days. Please see our season timetable for a list of closure days.

Multisport - Shaws Little League
Our very popular multisport programme exposes children to a wide variety of sports.
Soccer - Shaws Little League Soccer - Shaws Little League
Our soccer programme is developmentally appropriate and it follows the same principles of our multisport programme.
Golf - Shaws Little League
We aim to help each child improve their swing with our advanced golf software.
Tennis - Shaws Little League
Our tennis programme is to get children to just enjoy hitting the ball over the net.
Adult Class - Shaws Little League
Our newest programme, Sport Fit, is for adults.
Cricket - Shaws Little League
Our group classes or individual classes aim to improve skill development in all areas of cricket.
Holiday Camps - Shaws Little League
If your child loves the weekly sessions, they will absolutely love the Holiday Camps.
Birthday Parties - Shaws Little League
There’s nothing better than inviting your best friends on your special day for a round or two of sports and a fun run around.